Even if you use AC power most of the time; use the battery periodically to keep it fresh and healthy. It would show it was charging and then show it had a complete charge, but I was unable to access any menus of any kind. I won’t post comments if I need to clarify or confirm information in them but am unable to email the person who commented, so please include your email address. As with my test, the phones do not have working T-mobile sims in them and I am not making calls or otherwise using them. So now I’m willing to pay a fair price to get a reliable battery, but I don’t want to overpay!

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It is either an old “refurbished” battery which is what I got and turned out to be junkor it is a new but knockoff counterfeit battery. So without any use, the BR56 “new” battery I got from Amazon had a charge that lasted less that a day.

It could be the phone itself. I may only post comments that I think will be mottorola to other readers. As all of our batteries are new, they are uncharged.

Smart Home by John Falcone Dec 17, Still the best smartwatch, but the Fitbit Versa is a close second Still the best smartwatch, but the Fitbit Versa is a close second by Scott Stein. How to Change the World. All batteries require a “break-in” period, so don’t be alarmed if your battery doesn’t hold a full charge right away. I order a BR 50 battery online. I understand you have inventory turnover. A brief discourse of replacement battery price: I decide to try a Lenmar CLM replacement battery, and it works great!


This time I contact the vendor before ordering and ask what the battery date before ordering. Although the Lenmar batteries were almost three years oldand hadn’t even been used or charged for almost two yearsboth RAZR phones turned on and powered up with no problems!

Omtorola also learned, forgotten, and re-learned the age-ole lesson that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Mobile Accessories by Scott Stein Dec 6, About ten months ago I wrote this quick guide to the differences between the BR56 and the BR50 cell phone batteries.

Motorola BR56 – cellular phone battery – Li-Ion

Plus, many other types of batteries! But what are the alternatives for a BR50 or BR56 battery?

Dirty battery contacts are the number one source of charging problems. You can just recondition your old batteries and save a lot of money. That’s why I wrote this motirola for others to read.

We’ve got you covered. It shows 2 bars, but still unable to open any menu or function. However, I plugged it in and it started to charge.


We’ve had them for about five years, and love them.

Unfortunately, Bd56 don’t know if anyone else is making new BR50 batteries, but if you find out, please let me know, and I’ll add that to my review as well. But I don’t mind paying that if I know they’re going to work well as well or better than the original batteryand from my experience, Lenmar batteries work and they last.

Lenmar replacement batteries aren’t cheap.

Tsquared: Motorola BR56 Cell Phone Battery Vs the BR50

This is recommended for all cellular phone batteries. I don’t need a “smart” phone This test is unscientific. I also like this phone and fits in my purse. I thought it would be good to update it and repost it. USB-C ushers in a golden age of charging accessories Who knew power dongles could be so interesting?

I finally ordered a replacement from BatteryMonster and got it today.