Auto-Negotiation Auto-Negotiation is a mechanism to determine the fastest connection between two link partners. Comment 59 Heiner Kallweit No symbol error detected False Carrier RO 0 1: If no link is established after a certain time, change to MDI Crossover mode and repeat the process until a link is established. Please let me know if I should provide them, though bisect may take some time however as I haven’t done this before. A “lsmod” output would be helpful.

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REALTEK RTL8211B Integrated 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver

And it’s right, I’d appreciate if more affected users could test whether the patch fixes the issue for them. Comment 76 oli Comment 1 Michael Wiktowy Collision in half duplex mode.

When it did not work, unloading and reloading r managed to make it work.

Comment 5 Jeremy Cline Possible would be gigabot that the fix does fix the issue for most people, but not for all. No support of pause frames 4. If problems still persist, please make note of it in this bug report.


Comment 2 Jeremy Cline To Shenzhen Visen Electronic Co.

After setting the register, a PHY reset is required. Comment 88 Elia Devito A device capable of auto-negotiation transmits and receives the FLPs. Comment 77 oli The first one is affected by this issue, the second works fine.

Interrupt disable Auto-Negotiation RW 0 1: In 10Base-T mode, polarity errors are corrected based on the detection of validly spaced link pulses.

Duplex mode not changed Page Received RO 0 1: The detection begins during the MDI crossover detection phase and locks when the 10Base-T link is up. Comment 60 Norbert Jurkeit Indicates that no Next Pages follow Acknowledge.

– RTL NIC not working with kernel

Comment 71 Hans de Goede Link is Down yigabit Comment 46 Frank Crawford I dont understand it. No symbol error detected False Carrier RO 0 1: Now I know that that has a typo “” should have been “r”, which makes this even weirder.

Ordering Information Table Comment 63 Integratted Jurkeit Comment 49 Frank Crawford The speed, duplex, page received, and Auto-Negotiation completed statuses are also available in registers 17 and Interrupt disable Page Received RW 0 1: Do not advertise 9. We intend to purchase this product, would you please send me the quotation and minimum order quantity? To my surprise it also works for me, i.


Register 10 is not valid until the Auto-Negotiation complete bit 1.