Made this adjustment and it resolved. Some have problems with FM encoded disks, others with byte sectors. Simon Owen simon simonowen. You still have one FDC, but with lines diverted as appropriate. If you have any ROMs it would be great if you could post them, because I’m fairly sure I’m looking for a needle in a haystack:

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Again, a USB floppy drive fdc generic floppy drive be used for the second drive. Marked as answer by wizard Tuesday, September 25, 1: You need a disk utility to make use of the driver. I found several other threads having this same issue however they were using VMWare. Pretty simple–just an address decoder, latch and random logic. It’s on his website here http: Sign in to vote. I don’t have a four-drive floppy controller, but I have gemeric a fdc generic floppy drive two-drive ISA card that can operate as a secondary floppy controller.

Thanks for any info! Does anyone know whether BIOS images from these controllers are available online?

Made this adjustment and it resolved. If you can’t figure it out let me know, I have a disassembly somewhere where I documented most things.

volume shadow copy error consistantly showing up on our VM servers Windows Logs

Remove From My Forums. Writing CRC errors with specific sector contents Writing sectors with missing data fields Writing truncated sectors e. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. If in doubt, scan the disks with SAMdisk and see fdc generic floppy drive shows up. Note that there currently is no floppy genreic attached to this guest.

Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error DeviceIoControl(\\?\fdc#generic_floppy_drive#

I have a 4-drive floppy controller with a BIOS. I have read that people with dedicated four-drive controllers have had fdc generic floppy drive more success when using cards with their own dedicated BIOS, so I am wondering whether one of these BIOSes may work with a generic floppy controller operating at the secondary port address. It will only work with a second drive connected to fdc generic floppy drive same cable, and your FDC must support both drives.

Tuesday, September 25, 6: Looking for BIOS from a four-drive floppy controller. I think there is a bug between the VM Fdc generic floppy drive writer and this virtual floppy drive, even though it is not added as hardware from the host. My thinking behind this request is fdc generic floppy drive a four-drive controller has a better chance of being configurable to the secondary IO address, and if that is the case, the BIOS from that controller would be gfneric likely to check the secondary address for the existence of a controller.

Francis’ home page – MB floppy disk controller project

Most PC-compatible soft-sectored disks should work. It used to be done with type controllers quite a bit.

For general purpose copying try SAMdisk. Office Office Exchange Server. My advice is to make up a “switch” card that extends the 2-drive to a 4-drive unit.

If the backup is not failing, I would think this is not caused by Hyper-V. The question is then whether the controller BIOS can coexist with or even replace the fdc generic floppy drive BIOS floppy routines, which is a requirement in my case since there will be fdc generic floppy drive disks on each of the two controllers. Thanks for the help! But if you start drivd running it through Sourcer disassembler that should give you some idea of what’s happening.

Please disable the floppy drive in the Device Manager of Windows and see if the error goes away. See the Links section below to see if there’s a specific tool that suits your needs.