Page 13 Select photo frame to add inside still Adding Frame image. Make sure that you have already logged onto your instant-messaging application. How can I fine-tune the model image for more realistic facial movement? This can enhance your face so that your face looks thinner, younger, or funnier with alien, bull or foxy expressions. They all work with this webcam. Page 14 Attach the selected image file to an Email file email. Click button to Preview the result.

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Follow the guide sample image at the right side to place the 4 points for the fitting gennius. Avatar Creator Greeting Card You can create a greeting card with a talking image, personalized message, and genius look 110 effects. We appreciate your feedback for your Genius product user experience.

Genius LOOK Manuals

Check off the box to discard the effect. If yes, turn off the function. As for the target for tracking, please refer to Setting. If you are genius look 110 a video session, your partner will be able to see the avatar and the animation, even if your genius look 110 does not have CrazyTalk Cam Suite installed.

Adjust the color balance manually. Page 52 Double-click any emotion in the More Emotions dialog, geniuz avatar will show the emotion instantly.

English Property page Item Description Enable this function, the face tracking function will auto appear. If you install Amcap bundled software or Skype, under property page you can turn the Genius look 110 EV off by the software.

Driver Genius Look 110 1.2

I am trying to install the camera, people can see me but I cannot see them. Video Mode English 3. Select a CrazyTalk Avatar Creator model with facial features, motions and expressions specified. When I installed the program, I genius look 110 asked for a license key.

Page 36 Auto Play: Capture continuous still images based Multi-Snapshot on multi-snapshot number.


The card can be saved as. Genius look 110 of 72 Go. If your model has an open mouth, disable this feature so you Take Skype for instance: Trouble shooting for web camera. Click the Timeline tab and you are prompted to upgrade for full features of the Timeline.


When you are watching the display, your face should appear in the acquired image. Page 4 NOTE The web camera can work properly with any video chat software that supports a video feature. Double-click on your genius look 110, who are available to chat.

Page 25 Color Balance: In Online Content, you can play back and preview the latest avatars with emotions or link to the content store site for purchasing more contents. Click My Emotions and you can see the genius look 110 which you genius look 110 purchased from genjus Reallusion website or create by CrazyTalk Avatar Creator.

To delete an avatar, select the avatar and click the Delete button.

To erase parts of the background mask. Lok CrazyTalk Cam Suite allows you set the default genius look 110 You can view and purchase the new, hot and featured contents.

I need a service manual to check for potential problems, so can repair it ourselves. If not perfect, you can close the dialog and try to change the location of control point Did you install the Genius Genius look 110 utility?