Return to System Specs. I’m thinking of replacing the ABIT north bridge cooler as well the V5’s heatsinks if I successfully obtain one with one of these after-market northbridge coolers from eBay: You’re the first person I’ve ever heard of who actually owns one of those. You can read about my troubles with it here. In the picture on the left we can see the KTA Northbridge. Or should I rather get a Sound Blaster Live! It took a lot of trouble to convince these people that there is something wrong as I later found out, the specs of the KT7A board actually don’t specify CPUs above MHz, so they should never have sold this board in combination with this CPU in the first place

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In the picture on the left we abit kt7a raid see the KTA Northbridge. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Previous Page Next Page. If you want to keep it in good shape, get it recapped.

Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website. DOS see’s the drive with success and the slurring abut issue is gone!

I imagine it must be terribly noisy with the two blowers. VIA stated to us that the mirror chip is the newest revision of the KTA, the ones without the mirror are earlier revision of the KTA chipset, so will this make a difference?

abit kt7a raid

Cheers for the link to the patch! I don’t want to criticize your build, but if it were mine, I would replace that orb HSF with a better abit kt7a raid. They look nice, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t the best coolers. rraid

abit kt7a raid I also hated the goofy mounting mechanism for these Zalman northbridge coolers, so I used thermal epoxy instead. Memory performance and bandwidth make quite a large difference to the whole computer’s performance and benchmark results.

Of course, Radeon cards also have their own unique quirks I regret abit kt7a raid modification because it is permanent, but I don’t plan to ever sell the cards anyway. Return to System Specs. Abir still have that system, and it still works, still nice and stable. Yep it’s a V1.

Supports up to 1. Most of the other well known coolers such as the Global Win FOP38, Abit kt7a raid super cooler fit perfectly on this board as does most water coolers so its still a very good boards despite this slight space problem. I like them alot. This site hosts no abandonware. This presents problems when trying to install large heatsinks such as orb coolers or some of the larger Alpha coolers such as the PEP66T. Here’s a photo of the basic system: Oh and yes, my first cooler was one of those Dual Orb things P3’s run relatively cool, so I’m not worried about this cooler in my Intel systems.

In another abit kt7a raid setting move Abit where among the first to include Jumperless setup, all the functions of the motherboard are abit kt7a raid within the SoftMenu in the BIOS, this makes setting up the Abit motherboards as painless and easy as possible, fumbling about for tiny jumpers and poring over board diagram layouts trying to abit kt7a raid hidden jumper JP23 has become a thing of the past.


Just about everyone plays games so lets see how the Abit copes with a few gaming benchmarks. We loved abit kt7a raid board for its impressive abit kt7a raid and overclocking ability. I had no problems with a PCI sound card in mine. I run one on a P Coppermine and the other on a Celeron AWE64 Gold would be very appropriate.

Review: ABIT KT7A – Mainboard –

RAID rai stripping mode for boosting performance 4. As we have mentioned several times, the migration from the KT to the KTA chipset is a relatively easy job for motherboard manufacturers.

Abit kt7a raid monitoring – Including Fan speed, Voltages, System environment temperature 4.