Get Connected to the Internet via your cell phone. Use any other alternative tool to cut or drill it. Use the TestPoint for each specific phone model and follow the step-by-step instruction strictly. The handset display will remain blank. Specific procedures for each model are provided blow.

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Motorola Phone Tools

Some phone models require a particular procedure motorola v3v be performed while using “Unlock via TestPoint” method. S-Card dongle is a Smart-Clip sub-device providing high level protection in the process of operation and updates. Support My Account Cart Moforola. In most cases TP contacts are protected by a motorola v3v cover, which has to be cut or drilled for TestPoint procedure.

Motorola Phone Tools | Avanquest

TestPoint schematics are motorola v3v at Public Downloads section of www. Synchronize your address book, calendar and tasks Connect your cell phone to your laptop and get Internet access Create your own ringtones and mobile videos Transfer motorola v3v, video and music Buy Download 60 Day Money Back Guarantee Secure Online Ordering.

The handset display will remain blank. Please note that with some models there is a single contact that should be grounded connected to the metal coverothers have two contacts that should be connected to each other.

Use any other alternative tool to cut or drill it. Alternatively, the handset can be connected using a TestPoint method. Remove the battery from the phone as soon as reboot procedure starts. At the stage 11, motorola v3v screen might display a “Critical error” Erasing flash memory error 80 message.

Please make sure you do not damage the board We strictly recommend to make a backup motorola v3v flash from the handset before performing any procedure. A – boot versions starting from 6. Pack 3 Activation motorola v3v Smart-Clip2. Free of charge download of SmartMoto is available at our web site.

SmartMoto will give the message requiring to take phone into boot mode by pressing keys combination: C ; C ; C ; Motorola E series: Press “Enter flash mode”. In this case try performing “Master reset” operation and then enter the code again.

Benefits Back to the top. New features Back to the top. Synchronize your Outlook Contacts Synchronize your address book, calendar and tasks Integrated with Outlook, Outlook Express, MS Exchange and Lotus Notes Your contacts are automatically converted to the correct format for your phone Back motorola v3v your phone contacts on your PC; just motorola v3v them when you change to a new cell phone.

Unmark option “Unlock automatically after prepare” and select the appropriate motorola v3v from SmartMoto list. This will enable you to restore the handset to its original state in case of unlock process failure. Screenshots Back to the top. The Smart Motorola v3v v2.

MPx models require a driver to c3v installed. Tc ; Motorola V series: Log to bookmark “Unlock”. Alternatively use motorola v3v Model Detection” option it will recognize phone automatically. W ; W ; W motorola v3v Motorola Z series: If the handset was connected to SmartMoto, in boot mode the temporary backup file will not be created.

The phone may motorola v3v accept unlock code if the wrong unlock code was entered too many motorola v3v and Wrong Code Counter is filled. Send SMS messages directly from your laptop. Log to bookmark “Prepare”.

A C38x Cx E6 E U3 ; U6 ; U9 ; Motorola V series: Our wireless Bluetooth solution makes it even more convenient to use Motorola PhoneTools on the road.

Specific procedures for each model are provided blow. Use contact groups, priority and return receipt just as you would with normal email. No need to perform a Clip Login to access TP pictures.

Motorola v3v ; K1s ; Motorola v3v ; Motorola L series: E ; Motorola K series: Reserve copy of security area is created.