Everything going as normal. Thanks a lot, Mehran. Try moving the memory module from one slot to another. It could also be a faulty CPU. Since the battery is already dead I am unable to determine which one of the pins is the neg, pos, etc. I have a compaq presario Could there be something else wrong with the machine?

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At this point, the memory modules were the only other thing plugged in.

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You said the power light is on. The nx7010 sd card reader screws which I suspect have to be removed to completely disassemble the keyboard are covered by this clear plastic shield.

Jeff May 21, Hi, all can anyone help me find the fault on my HP NX laptop I turned it on but nothing started up! It could be just a bad Nx7010 sd card reader.

The power jack is soldered to the motherboard. But I am very annoyed by the fact that if the battery goes bad eventually, the laptop will be useless. xd

When you touch the laptop, the memory module loses connection with the slot. I reloaded and the machine turned itself off 3 times during install.

I nx7010 sd card reader know that its just the light but I need to know how to fix it or get it fixed. When it did power up, it worked nx7010 sd card reader until it turned off instantly after a random amount of time. Try replacing memory, install another known good module. The power supply is AC stepped down to It shut off by csrd, but somebody turned it on immediately, it shut off by itself again.

Did you spill any liquid on the keyboard? AcctNine December 17, I tryed these things with no luck: It is necessary to open up the laptop and take a look at the motherboard.

HP Compaq manuals

Michael Echols December 9, Because I am unable to get on my computer. Babu Nx7010 sd card reader 28, Any help would be appreciated. Andy August 8, Check solutions posted at Microsoft TechNet. Asked me for the power-on password.

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Is it the keyboard? I know the screen itself is good. After pressing the power button this happens: Please tell me how to fix this without having to send Nx77010 my laptop because I am to the point of not trusting them anymore after the waste of money on the second adapter.

I xn7010 nx7010 sd card reader Compaq Evo Nv, which my grandfather gave me. Last year, I accidentally spilled water on it. Larry Nx7010 sd card reader 20, The system is okay.

Here are links to manuals with step-by-step disassembly instructions.

After I pushed on the power button, fans started spinning and were active for a few seconds, LED is on, but my laptop still blank not display any thing and not working, no beep sound. Using Nx7010 sd card reader Restore revert the operating system back to the time when it was nx7010 sd card reader properly. But I really had a very hard time turning it back on. Myslyn October 30, Check out this guide.

They mention three different methods to fix this problem. Levi March 29, The screen keeps going off and on, if I move the top the screen light will come on but if I let go it turns off like as if it was closed. Eddy September 10, Purchased new battery, but it just ran down the battery and did not recharge.

Andrew July 15, I have hp lap top model ze The CPU had not been locked and was loose.

I tried putting the speakers back, and the little board that has the external volume and audio on off buttons to see if I would hear music. Cyril Crook July 14, Try removing RAM modules one by one.

I have a hp Compac nx, I can not log on because the the key pay is not responding when I depress the ctrl,alt,delete keys can some one help please. Sarah Z March 26,