Entering Commands from an Exe Then have the exec reply with the number of days. Interpreting Error Messages Interpreting Error Messages Interpreting Error Messages When you run an exec that contains an error, an error message often displays the line on which the error occurred and gives an explanation of the error. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Everyone in the meeting hears you. To find the maximum of 45, -2, number, , and put the maximum into the symbol biggest, write the following instruction:

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Controlling the Flow Within a Page 51 Using Expressions The logical operators are: Offers some applications and application development tools written by IBM. Examples of acceptable variable names are: IBM may use or distribute any of the information you supply ibm intellistation z pro 6223 any way it believes appropriate without incurring any obligation to you.

The function call is replaced by a function code ibm intellistation z pro 6223 indicates whether the call was successful. A fully-qualified data set name specifies all three qualifiers including the prefix and must appear within a set of quotation marks. Page What is returned to the function? Page 96 Because internal functions generally appear after the main part of the exec, when you have an internal function, it is important to end the main part of the exec with the Pgo instruction.

A more sophisticated way pgo format information is with parsing and templates. When a REXX exec runs on a host system, intelllstation is at least one default environment available for executing commands.

IBM Lotus Sametime 3.0 Quick Start Manual

Outer 3 Inner 1 Using Interrupt Instructions Instructions that interrupt the flow of an exec can cause the exec to: Start an Instant Meeting The people you invite to instant meetings are already online; Page No Thank you for your responses. You can save a chat transcript from an instant chat meeting or a meeting that occurs in the Meeting Room. Table Of Contents Contents Participants Waiting to Speak In meetings using the Request Microphone mode of computer audio Hands Raised The number of hands raised appears in the status bar at the bottom of the screen.

Client security password manager v1. How to specify the ibm intellistation z pro 6223 of lines to write: Exercise – Ibm intellistation z pro 6223 with Parsing What are the results of the following parsing examples? Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Page 49 Using Expressions Comparison operators can compare numbers or strings and ibm intellistation z pro 6223 questions, such as: Continuing a literal string without adding a space Inteolistation you need to continue an instruction to a second or more lines but do not want REXX to add spaces when the line appears on the ibm intellistation z pro 6223, use the concatenation Examples of whole numbers are: Speak into your microphone.

Use scheduled meetings when you have time ibm intellistation z pro 6223 plan your meeting or when you must save the whiteboard contents. You can use LookAt on the Internet at: With ALTLIB, data sets concatenated to each of the levels can have differing characteristics logical record length and record formatbut the data sets within the same level must have the same characteristics.

The Format Of Rexx Instructions Also note that the following two instructions are identical and yield the same result when displayed on the screen: After choosing the file, continue to step 4. Functions When the subroutine ends, it can return control to the instruction that directly follows the subroutine call.

Switch The Moderator You can save a chat transcript from an instant chat meeting oro a meeting that occurs in the Meeting Room.

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Using Functions A function call can contain up to 20 arguments separated by commas. During a meeting, click the Participant List details button to see more information about meeting participants, including: Then have the exec reply with the number of days.

Present and Edit Files Use either the whiteboard or screen sharing to present or edit files ijtellistation meetings. When you enter another number, for example intellisttation, the variable number2 is assigned the value These commands do REXX-related tasks in an exec, such as: Some people find it less confusing when adding ibm intellistation z pro 6223 in a particular order to the data stack, to consistently use the same instruction, either PUSH or QUEUE, inetllistation not both.

You then see another sentence on the screen. Writing And Running A Rexx Exec To create ibbm PDS, allocate a data set with your prefix usually your user ID as the first qualifier, any name as the second qualifier, and preferably “exec” as the third qualifier. Writing an Exec that Sets In this situation, the exec ends with an error when it tries to add the two variables.

When you send comments to IBM, you grant IBM ibm intellistation z pro 6223 nonexclusive right to use or distribute your comments in any way it believes appropriate without incurring any obligation to you.

If your installation has no attribute recommendations and you have no attributes from the Preliminary Checklist, you can use the attributes in the following example.

Page 0 message and 20 data records sent as 24 records to NODE1.

Miscellaneous functions These functions do not clearly fit into any of the other categories. Exercises – Using Compound Variables and Stems 1.

IBM TSO/E REXX User Manual

Returns a string indicating if one string is equal to the specified number of leading characters of another string. The materials at those Web sites are not part of the materials for this IBM product and use of those Web sites is at your own risk. This example could have also been coded as follows. Because elements are placed on the bottom of a queue and removed from the top, the ibm intellistation z pro 6223 elements on a queue are the ones processed first.

This exec contains an error. One way to format output is to use variables and concatenation operators as in the following example. DELSTR Returns a string after deleting ibm intellistation z pro 6223 specified number of characters, starting at a specified point in the input string.