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Division 2 – Issue of Shares. Restraining or cpmpanies order. Transfer of bearer shares. Control of voluntary liquidation of regulated person. Company in voluntary liquidation unable to pay its debts.

Transfer of bearer share. Division 3 – Transfer of Shares.

Continuation under foreign law. Division 4 — Capacity and Powers The informations included in this site for information purposses only and mys not be taken as legal, accounting or other professional advice. Use of name by foreign company. Registered agent ceasing to bvi business companies act 2004 pdf download eligible to act.

Division 2 — Company Records Division 3 – Transfer of Shares Effect of striking off. Persons disqualified for appointment as director. Segregated portfolio distributions and dividends. The regulatory provisions set forth by this Act are less stringent than those prescribed for the Banks and Trust Companies — in particular, as regards capital adequacy.

Here are full texts of some of the most important laws which regulate offshore company bvi business companies act 2004 pdf download, operation and management in the British Virgin Islands, and the related areas of offshore financial services business, like registered agents, banks, trust companies, insurers and offshore investment funds.

Application for portfolio liquidation order. Optional registration of registers of members and directors. BVI Business Companies Act This is the main and the most important piece of legislation, which currently regulates the registration, status and operation of the Business Companies in British Virgin Islands.

BVI Mutual Funds Act This law governs the registration and licensing of public, private and professional investment funds, bvi business companies act 2004 pdf download funds and hedge funds, and licensing of fund managers and administrators in acf British Virgin Islands.

Division 4 — Proceedings of Directors and Miscellaneous Provisions Notification of person having right to entitlements carried by bearer share.

Company struck off liable for fees, etc. Division and combination of shares. Notice and advertisement of liquidation. Division 2 — Appointment, Removal and Resignation of Directors Validity of transactions busihess affected. Approval of forms by Commission. Service of documents on buslness foreign company registered under this Part. Method of transfer of registered share. Use of company name.

Bvi business companies act 2004 pdf download 2 — Company Records. Transitional provisions for this Part.

01 | Registered Agent | British Virgin Islands

Conduct of portfolio liquidation. Declaration that dissolution void and restoration of name to Register by Court. Application of this Part. Books, records and common seal.

BVI Companies Act, BVI offshore legislation

Appointment of Official Receiver as liquidator of company struck off. Division 3 – General Provisions Restrictions on company names. Restated memorandum or articles.

Company to act on behalf of portfolios. General liabilities and assets. Variation of registered charge.

Creation of charges by a company.