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Electrode locations and electrode names as stored in the original. Experimental Procedure Participants seated in a dimly lit room at cm from a computer screen piloted from a PC computer. Impedances were kept below 5 kOhms.

A very comprehensive database of epilepsy data files. Data acquisition was made at Hz corresponding to a sample bin of 1 ms using a SynAmps recording system coupled with a PC computer.

The second group of 70 images was composed of animal images which had the lowest accuracy and associated with the longest Downooad.

DAT file this file format is custom to our laboratory and is not compatible with the Neuroscan software. There were also a wide range of non-target images, with outdoor and indoor scenes, natural donload or city scenes, pictures of food, fruits, vegetables, trees and flowers The rest of the file is organized in 5 eeg 2012 pdf download Event column 1: Back to cover page.

DAT file ” to import epoch information. Participants were tested in two recording phases. For each target, they had to lift their finger from the button as quickly and accurately as possible releasing the button restored a focused light beam between an optic fiber led and its receiver; the response latency of this apparatus was under 1 ms.

The last two digits indicate trial numbers redundant with column eeg 2012 pdf download. The test phase started immediately after the learning phase. Interaction of Bottom-up and Top-down processing in the fast visual analysis of natural scenes.

Guideline Eeg Pediatric 2012

We will only use this information for statistic purposes. More specifically, in the animal categorization task, participants had to respond whenever there was an animal in the picture. Participants were given ms to respond, after what any response was considered as a nogo response. Participants were instructed to carefully examine and learn the probe image in order to recognize it eeg 2012 pdf download the following series.

Electroencephalogram EEG pdf – Download

Note that images shown in the experiment are available for viewing. In the last group, pictures contained no animal, i. The study is availaible here Mb. A probe image was flashed 15 times during 20 ms intermixed with two presentations of ms after the downloac and the tenth flashes, allowing an ocular exploration of the image; with an inter-stimulus of ms.

Eeg 2012 pdf download was no a priori information about the size, position or number of the targets in a single photograph.

Subject response code “C” correct distractor; “P” missed distrator; “R” correct target; “M” missed target Column 5: Images Images presented during the experiment are available here for target images and here for non-target images you eeg 2012 pdf download not download or copy these images; The Corel images on this site are for viewing only and may not be downloaded or saved.

In the recognition task, the session started with a learning phase. One subject 80 trials from a eeg 2012 pdf download attention task channel; Matlab format. To start a series, subjects had pdff press a touch-sensitive button.

CNT files have been removed. The probe image constituted the unique target of the series.

An Atlas of EEG Patterns

For each base file name, 3 files are present in the archive, one file with the dlwnload “. In both tasks, target images and non-target images were equally likely presented. The first 20 lines of a. The first group of 70 images 5 per subjects was composed downlod the animal images out of which were correctly categorized by all subjects and were associated with the fastest RTs.

EXP” as described below: EXP file contains the following eeg 2012 pdf download Column 1: EEG dataset with subjects eeg 2012 pdf download on PhysioNet: