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What is the voltage computer networks interview questions and answers for freshers pdf download or transfer function of amplifier? Difference between mobile and a cell phone. In full-duplex mode, data you transmit does not appear on yourscreen until it has been received and sent back by the other party. Why temperature rise is conducted in bus bars and isolators?

These losses depend upon the loading conditions of the transformers. ORG is responsive and optimized web portal for individuals to get preparation for their job interviews, learning and training. The water is obtained in the boiler and the coal is burnt so that steam is obtained this steam is allowed to hit the turbine, the turbine which is coupled with the generator generates the electricity.

Combustion-resistant vegetable oil-based dielectric coolants and synthetic pentaerythritol tetra fatty acid C7, C8 esters are also becoming increasingly common as alternatives to naphthenic mineral oil.

What is meant by knee point voltage? Reliable source for supply of energy. Diode junctions that breakdown below 5v are caused by Zener Effect.

TOP ELECTRONICS and COMMUNICATION Engineering Questions & Answers PDF ECE Questions

The harmonic oscillators have smooth curved waveforms, while relaxation oscillators have qusstions with sharp changes. Speed of the rotor of an induction motor is always less than its synchronous speed. Tapings are connected to high voltage winding side, because of low current. By providing damper winding: So always transmission voltage is multiple of 11 Sir am completing my electrical engineering diploma this year ….

TOP ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Interview Questions and Answers

In contrast, a system that responds to the perturbation in the opposite direction is called a negative feedback system. Networking Sub Category Is: In addition, starting torque is increased and it prevents the damage of motor winding. What is frantic effect? How can it be improved? A generating stations is supposed to fed power to the grid and in case generating units are off,there is no generation in the plant then plant may take power from grid.

Because Current flow in the conductor is inversely proportional to the conductor diameter. Generators are classified into two types:. Phonographic appliances — Hysteresis motor. What is an Integrated Circuit? Multiplexing known as muxing is a term used to refer to a processwhere multiple analog message signals or digital data streams are combined into one signal over a computer networks interview questions and answers for freshers pdf download medium.

Vending machines — Shaded pole motor.

The radio waves are transmitted through the air to a nearby base station. The three main types of rectifier are the half-wave, full-wave, and bridge.

Sir, Please send ECE question and answers in pdf to my mail. This is extremely helpful for those who appearing for interview.

200 TOP ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Interview Questions and Answers Pdf- EEE

Very good material, can you please send me a pdf of the questions and answers? Very helpful Sir please send me above questions as PDF to mail id: If their is high power factor, i. Please can u send me a PDF? Questlons electronic circuits, the capacitor tolerance can be determined by a code that appears on the casing.

Sir pls send me the pdf file for this question with answer apkarams gmail. What is ACSR cable and where we use it? Desired results are obtained by either trimming the layer thickness or by cutting helical grooves of suitable pitch along its length.

Most modems have a switch that lets you choose between full-duplex networke half-duplex modes.