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Unfortunately, I’m ill right now, but will correct these issues as soon as I’m well again. Please login or register. Uploaded latest revision of the documents. To cut a long story short, I sympathize with those on a budget, who pff want a decent performance and I do enjoy to have a closer look when I think such a product has emerged, making my findings public and at the same time pushing the manufacturer to iron out any flaws and make certain improvements.

Performa01 Frequent Contributor Posts: Here comes part downloav together with bu508a pdf download special about bandwidth: I have noticed by now that some screenshots are corrupted in the pdf documents for some unknown reason. Uploaded latest revision of the document. As already stated, this review bu508a pdf download far from being complete yet. Bu508a pdf download Regular Contributor Posts: Also in the bandwidth document a few statements are either not correct or missing.

I’m inclined to do that bu508a pdf download you, so stay tuned, as there’s a lot more to come! The following users thanked this post: There are small lies, big lies and then there is what is on the screen of your oscilloscope. Nevertheless, all the conclusions remain valid.

And Siglent happens bu508a pdf download listen. Beyond characterizing this particular instrument, it provides good insight into the inner workings of modern digital scopes. I have a wife and I have even friends – in short, I have a life. Later some dpwnload about the content of the review and some details.

That’s a dkwnload thorough review and a LOT of work. Can you do a detailed review about decoding where you test all the supported protocols, use the full memory depth, and try to search for an bu508a pdf download and navigate in the recorded data?

Lot of thanks you select this road! Please provide a summary conclusion also. It is much easier to think an apple bu508a pdf download to the ground than to think odwnload the earth and the apple will begin to move toward each other and collide.

This is far better than some forum posts. But X-Y mode will most definitely see a major re-design and I might be able to convince Siglent to offer one digit more resolution on dkwnload of the automatic measurements The reason why I publish the review as bu508a pdf download should be quite obvious.

February 22, I look forward to bu508a pdf download additional parts. Thank you for your interest and feedback. But then again, some might be looking for the best value for money rather than just the cheapest price.

I have a day bu508a pdf download. The most important updates are: And all this effort for a scope I personally don’t even need, just because I already have a SDSX on the bench together with three PicoScopes which offer some important features otherwise only found in at least upper midrange bench scopes. O on December 12, It should be enough that I spend all the weekends with the new little scope in an attempt to compile a review that deserves the name, create bug reports, discuss proposals about improvements and new features with Siglent – really no time fiddling with forum HTML code and pictures that cannot be inserted directly.

Be aware though, that my limited spare time will only allow me to play with the scope at the weekends. I’m just guessing as I’ve used many forums over the years, bu508a pdf download forums have post limitations as well as formatting issues. As I’m in the process of writing the FFT review right now, this is a perfect example how a pathetic pts FFT turned into a great tool that deserves a very thorough and bu508a pdf download review. Today I can present another piece of information, regarding segmented memory: The new models have a whole lot to offer — certainly more than the average DSO in this class.

bu508a pdf download

BU508AFI Datasheet

O Frequent Contributor Posts: I hope I will be able to publish that next weekend. Reading pdf is nearly like reading real book. Why create PDFs instead of forum posts? Just bu508a pdf download say good job, enjoyed the review thanks. The document donload some pages now, with enumerations, tables, diagrams and lots of screenshots.

The vast majority of bugs and inconveniences that I’ve found have been addressed and aren’t an issue anymore in the cheap new SDSX-E.

In Pt 4 Trigger: Of course there were and sure as hell still are a number of flaws, particularly in the areas that are either completely bu508a pdf download or have undergone a major re-design: Personally I like this PDF idea for publish – really lot of.

Did you miss your activation email? Next will be math and particularly FFT, which is a huge topic. I am an old guy with plenty bu508a pdf download, so I could easily afford a decent A-grade scope, but I have learnt to stick with what I really need and then I’ve been young and on a budget myself decades ago and my first scope analog, CRT of course was a 50MHz no-name instrument with delayed bu508a pdf download timebase, that served me well for several years.

Either way, this review is not yet finished, so you can expect regular updates in the future. As for an overall conclusion, it could only bu508a pdf download for the content published so far and this would be very positive, except maybe for the X-Y mode and the displayed resolution of the time measurements. Most of the functionality was of surprising high quality already, with only minor issues that did not prevent me from doing my tests the way I had them planned and getting the results I’m going to present here.